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Adomo Health Provide Exceptional Patient Care

To the home or to your practice,
Adomo Health delivers diagnostic results in 4 hours or less

Enroll your practice today and start ordering advanced diagnostics in under 5 minutes

A custom order form built for your practice - or integrated directly into your EMR

Why Adomo Health?

Better patient outcomes starts with exceptional diagnostic coordination.

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Submit the Order, Adomo Takes Care of the Rest

Effortless coordination: submit the order from your EHR, fax, or phone in 5 minutes or less and we'll manage the rest

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Concierge Care of the Highest Level

Your patients are our top priority - white glove communications, scheduling, service and payment handling

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Keep your patients safe, comfortable and happy

Grow your practice with unparalleled concierge service all year round

Here are some of our most common cases:

Better patient outcomes starts with exceptional diagnostic coordination. Don't see your case here? Don't worry - just because it isn't common doesn't mean we can't handle it.

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Abdominal Pain

Chest X-ray


How it works

We make at-home diagnostics easy for physicians and exceptional for their patients. Rapid diagnostic testing and resulting facilitates emergency room and hospital avoidance.

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1. Send the order

Create and share the order with Adomo directly from your phone, EHR, fax or any other preferred secure method.

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2. We handle all the logisitics

We'll coordinate with your patient to receive a top-notch ancillary service and then we'll bring that service directly to their doorstep.

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3. Receive the Results

The diagnostic results (or treatment response) will be provided to your practicedirectly following the encounter; we’llfollow up with every patient to ensure theyhave an exceptional experience.

Adomo Health Pricing Model

Our services are billed to patient or provider on a per-case basis.

Response Time
1 Hour
3 Hour
1-2 Days
$549 + retainer
$449 + retainer
$249 + retainer
Services available from Q3 2024
POC Testing
$199 + retainer
STAT Lab Draws
$199 + retainer
V/IM Meds/Fluids
$449 + retainer
Nursing Procedures
$449 + retainer
Exam Assistant
$199 + retainer

Your questions, answered:

How do I place an order?

A licensed clinician can order online at (from your desktop, laptop or phone) or call us at 1 (800) 655-0101.   We have also integrated into several EMR's and can arrange for integration into your EMR, if interested.  Of note, if you use Athena we will provide you 2 hours of free EMR consulting at the same time that we configure your solution to enable super fast and simple ordering.

How can I enroll as an Adomo partner?

Go to our online order form at (from your desktop, laptop or phone) or call us at 1 (800) 655-0101.   Anyone on your staff can enroll the complete practice, though they will need to know some basic demographic info and some answers to workflow questions (ie - whom should we bill, the patient or the practice; how best dooes the practice want to be notified about encounter status and/or results)

How is patient communication handled?

All patient communication is HIPAA compliant and at the direction of the ordering physician.  Generally we use SMS communication with the patient with any relevant clinical/billing info being communicated via a secure link.

How will I receive results?

At the ordering clinician discretion.  We can relay the relevant results / reports to any platform via a number of different secure mechanisms and are open to preferred means.  Fax, Secure URL link are just a few of the ways.

Who do I contact if there's an issue?

If you have any issues whatsoever, you can reach our team at 1 (800) 655-0101 or you can email  If the agent can't answer your questions directly, they can escalate to an operations manager or a clinical lead at all times.